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Ural Kaleidoscope

Dear friends!

We are happy to introduce you a trip to Ural with “Ural Kaleidoscope”. Ural is a region of breathtaking landscapes, the biggest deposit of precious stones in Russia and a place where meteorite has recently landed! Since 17th century, scientists and fans of geology from all over the world have considered visiting Ural mountains a must, as from 4000 minerals existing on our planet more than 1000 can be found in Ural. The region has become famous because of its numerous deposits of iron and copper ores, gold and  platinum, magnesite and nickel ores. For the first time in Russia gems were found here – emeralds, topazes, amethysts, demantoids, alexandrites, along with unique semi-precious stones – malachite, rhodonite, agate.

“Ural Kaleidoscope” presents a variety of guided tours, revealing the mysteries of Ural region. You will discover the atmosphere of pure nature and the mysteries of ancient gemstone deposits. Emerald Band, ancient mines Ilmen, Aduy, Lipovka and Murzinka, gold and platinum mines will transfer you from concrete jungles into a majestic peaceful world of stones.

During the trip across the Stone Belt you’ll explore the Ural gemstone history and region geological culture. For several days you’ll become a placer miner and find YOUR stone, which will bring you good luck and remind you of your vivid impressions from Ural Kaleidoscope.

We offer you a fantastic sightseeing program and a comfortable stay in Ural. We will be happy to take care of all the arrangements to make your trip enjoyable.