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Corporate clients

If you:

  • realize that team building is not just a fancy word
  • hate boredom and banality
  • appreciate ingenuity
  • believe that corporate parties of your company must be based on an unconventional idea

Then we know what to offer you!

Picture this: your employees learn a new activity - they are miners. Someone is blinded by glitter of gold and emeralds, his eyes lit with the fire of greed, and he does not think of his fellows - he is too eager to get the untold wealth ...

Someone gave it up after half an hour, pursing his lips contemptuously. He’s not the hardworking type, and so he says, "Oh, there’s nothing here!"
One was pierced with the envy toward the more fortunate colleague, and he does not even try to hide it, the other is trying his best not to show his true feelings. The third is sincerely happy for a friend. Someone is guided by intuition - and finds a treasured stone, someone listens to logic - and also finds something of value.

The wise chief, now do you see what your staff is really like? The behavior of your employees during the search of emeralds and gold will tell you a lot ...
But our offer is not limited to “The Miners Game”. The organization of corporate parties also includes short city breaks. You’ll have just enough time to find out how inquisitive and open to new knowledge your employees are.

And then your team will have a feast in the house of a geologist, and instead of the traditional master of ceremonies, your employees will be able to hear fascinating stories about interesting findings.

A trip to the semi-precious mines of the Urals instead of a usual restaurant is indeed a non-trivial idea of organizing a team building session or a corporate event. And maybe a change of scenery will help you, as the leader, to make a smart move in your human resources policies.

  Tour name Duration Tour type Standard price  
Ural Emerald Deposits 1 Day 175 Euro руб. read more
Murzinka 1 Day 175 Euro руб. read more
Каменная граница 1 день 2170 руб. read more
Emerald Lakes 1 Day 175 Euro руб. read more
Драгоценная экскурсия 1 день 2170 руб. read more