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What is Ural Kaleidoscope? It’s a diversity of tours, revealing the stunning beauty of the Urals. It’s a variety of excursions that enables exploring Ural in an unusual and highly entertaining fashion. You’ll see crystal-clear rivers, impressive Ural mountains, sensational Ural nature. 
Did you know that Ural land is abundant with historical monuments, amazing events, fascinating places?

This land is filled with mysteries, legends, and mystics. This land conceals overwhelming wealth.

We know a great deal about Ural, so we organize tours that can surprise you, shock you, and thrill you!

We are attracted by the energy of stones, so we offer geological and mineralogical tours that are fascinating, refreshing and exciting. We give you the opportunity to participate in a treasure hunt and see the breath-taking gems in nature.

Ural Kaleidoscope is a real story about the amazing Ural land for adults and children, full of adventures and mysteries.

The team of Ural kaleidoscope is friendly and helpful, full of optimism, enthusiasm and in love with Ural. Trips that we organize are not only interesting and educational, but also comfortable and safe. When we develop our itineraries, we make sure that you feel at home in Ural land and truly enjoy yourself.