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Kids... Our most grateful, curious and inquisitive tourists. They love on-hand experience, they need to see, touch, taste and feel everything what is new, unknown, undiscovered. Sparkling eyes, never-ending questions, exuberant energy... We adore our little guests, and try to offer them only the best of the best!

Do not limit your child's all-round development with a kit “Young Geologist”, better give them a trip to the Urals - the land of gems and precious stones. Tours for kids to Murzinka village will show and tell the little tourists much more than all the kits put together.


Racking your brain where to go with your kid on holidays?

Get your child off from watching mindless cartoons, and show him the wonderful world of real Russian fairy tales. Kokovanya, Silver Hoof, the Mistress of Copper Mountain, Sinyushka - let your kid see with his own eyes the places where the characters of Bazhov’s fairy tales were born.

Does your son or daughter know a fairy tale about the “Emerald City”?  Show them what a natural emerald is and how to obtain it. Tours for kids to the emerald mines is an opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things not only for children but also for the parents.


Do you want your child to be knowledgeable?

Nourish his thirst for knowledge, let him know that the history, culture, mineralogy, history and other sciences - are fun, fun, fun! That mysterious legends and tales of Ural are no worse than the stories of Superman. That majestic beauty of Russian mountains can fascinate much more than the exotic landscapes of tropical countries.


The question of “where to go with kids” occurs to all parents. Typically, they choose movie theaters, entertainment venues, parks or playgrounds. All this is necessary, it's all right. But sometimes it is necessary to show the kid the other side of life - the pristine, almost untouched by human nature.

Let your child grasp that he belongs to the universe. Feel the power of rock, soak up the charm of the Ural grass, feel the lively energy of rivers, charge with the power of stones, see all the colors of nature, breathe pure thick air... Children understand much more than we think. After an exciting adventure in Ural your young traveler will realize that happiness is not a new computer game, but ability and opportunity to enjoy the real life.


  Tour name Duration Tour type Standard price  
Чертово Городище 1 день 400 руб. read more
Скалы Соколиный Камень 1 день 400 руб. read more
Порог Ревун - пещера Смолинская 1 день 800 руб. read more
Каменная граница 1 день 2170 руб. read more
Драгоценная экскурсия 1 день 2170 руб. read more
Cкалы Петра Гронского 1 день 400 руб. read more