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Legends of Ural

Duration: 3 days
595 Euro руб./чел.
During the tour, You will visit
Ekaterinburg | Kladovka | Polevskoy | Poldnevoe
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Welcome to the adventure, where a fairy-tale is closely bound with true life. After seeing with your own eyes all those magical spots, that famous Russian author Bazhov P.P. wrote about, you’ll believe that Silver Hoof, the Stone Flower and Mistress of the Copper Mountain actually existed.

Day 1 We’ll explore the Polevskoy city and its surroundings go with tales of P.P. Bazhova in our hands, as it is these places the great writer mentioned in his works. He spent his childhood here, where he worked as a teacher and a journalist. In the center of Polevskoy towers the small but steep-sided the Dumnaya Mount. It’s a treeless mountain, on top of which there is a monument to the heroes of the Civil War. Here on the top of Dumnaya young Pavel Bazhov once listened to the tales of his grandfather Slyshko and then embodied them in his poetic books. Just to the west there is a broad and flat top of Azov Mountain (588 m) - the natural, historical, archaeological, literary and folk monument. "Malachite Box", famous Russian tale, also originates from Polevskoy, because here, at Gumashevskiy mine, malachite was extracted, from which the bondslave craftsmen created incredibly beautiful products.
Day 2 We’ll visit the Poldnevoye village and the Kladovka village - those fabulous places where a goatling from P.P. Bazhov’s fairy tales once lived. Up to this day, wonderful multicolored stones appear here and there, as if by magic. To find a rare variety of green garnet-demantoid yourself, you need to go to the river Khrizolitka. When faceted this stone shines even brighter than the diamond.
Day 3 The final part of the journey will take place in Ekaterinburg. We’ll see this magnificent city from the height of 186 m spread out before us and appreciate its beauty and greatness. You’ll enjoy an interesting walk through the stone treasuries of the city. In just a few hours you will see the most valuable things that nature gave the Urals in decades. The Ural Geological Museum now features more than 600 minerals, which represent the standards and are of great scientific and educational interest. In order to appreciate one of the best collections in the world of amethyst, topaz and emerald we’ll visit in the Mineralogical Museum of the private collector V.A. Pelepenko. Apart from the stones, you’ll admire the arts & crafts from carved stone and bone.


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