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Nizhniy Tagil
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Mining Ural

Duration: 4 Days
865 Euro руб./чел.
During the tour, You will visit
Verkhoturye | Kamensk-Uralskiy | Nevyansk | Nizhniy Tagil
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Fascinating mysteries of Ural history, culture and spirituality will reveal themselves to the travelers. In only several days Ural land will show its best – from orthodox and arts & crafts traditions to its industrial power.

Day 1 We’ll visit Nevyansk, famous for its Leaning Tower, which is often compared with Italian Pisa Tower. Nevyansk Tower is also tilted, and its history is even more interesting. The highlight of the tower is its room with unique acoustics, where the words spoken in a whisper in one corner are clearly audible at the distance of 5 meters in the other corner. Well, let's explore the mystery of the old tower.
Near Nevyansk there is the ancient settlement of Old Believers Byngi. Its main attraction is the Church of St. Nicholas, built in the 18th century and which is open for visitors.
We’ll also visit the village of Nizhniye Tavolgi - a center of pottery in the Urals. The village, like its most popular craft, is more than three hundred years. We’ll come to this place to take part in a workshop: work on the pottery wheel, sculpt and paint a whistle. After the engaging creative work the hosts will serve tea and Russian pancakes with sweet condensed milk. 
Day 2 And now it’s time to visit Nizhniy Tagil - the city that embodies the power and the defense of the whole country, because here the largest enterprise "Uralvagonzavod" produces tanks. At the plant, there is a worth-visiting museum complex. Also we will see the exhibition of railcars and museum of armored vehicles, where you can learn about different tank models produced at the plant.
Day 3 We’ll stop by one of the oldest cities in the Urals, founded during Ermak crusades, as it is one of the main spiritual centers in the region. In the city center most impressive monuments are concentrated - Cathedral of St. Nicholas Monastery, Holy Trinity Church, Holy Patronage Monastery and the ruins of the fortress wall. In Verkhoturye you’ll see the Kremlin, which is the only one in Ural. The main Ural sanctuary is situated in the neighboring village Merkushino - the holy relics of all Siberia Wonderworker St. Simeon Verkhoturskiy, who is very revered in the Orthodox Church.
Day 4 We’ll go down to the water and make the river trip to wonderful places in Kamensk-Uralsk. We’ll travel on a comfortable boat across Iset canyon where you’ll enjoy the stunning scenery and exceptional natural landmarks: rock "Stone gate", "Mammoth", "Owl", "Seven Brothers," "Three Caves", "Dinosaur" and "Rastrus" (this is where archaeologists discovered ancient man’s campsite). In Kamensk-Uralsk we’ll get to know one of the main attractions of the city - the first Russian specialized plant for bell casting.


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