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Wild Ural

Duration: 4 days
847 Euro руб./чел.
During the tour, You will visit
Ekaterinburg | Visym | Sysert
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Are you thinking about the best destination for family holidays? We are happy to invite you to the adventure, which both children and their parents will definitely like. You’ll meet the dwellers of wild fauna and exotic animals, who live in Ural and even got adapted to the Ural climate.

Day 1 We’ll visit Visim village, the birthplace of famous Ural writer D.N. Mamin-Siberyak. In the museum we’ll learn what inspired the writer to create numerous works describing the hard work of the bondslaves, the life and customs of local people, and at the same time, alluring beauty of the Ural taiga. On the outskirts of Visim we’ll visit the farm of maral deers, where you can see, photograph and even pet deers, marals and ostriches.
Day 2-3 We’ll visit the Sysert city that is located 50 km South-East of Ekaterinburg on the slopes of a deep valley of Sysert river and the footsteps of Besenkovaya Mount. A unique complex of old buildings, iron-smelting and iron plant, is a monument of the industrial architecture of the mid XIX century. The local dam is also interesting – it is one of the largest in the Urals. In addition, here we’ll visit the house-museum of P.P. Bazhov, famous Russian fairy tale writer, and “Holzan” - the nursery of birds of prey.
Day 4 Do you want to learn first-hand about the exotic animals that inspire delight and thrill? It is possible on the crocodile farm in Ekaterinburg. Only here you will see just how a formidable predator can be "soft and fuzzy", when it’s cared about and loved. You'll be astonished by the fearlessness of the trainer and the trust of his fosterlings!


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