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Nizhniy Tagil
Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha
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Old Times Ural

Duration: 7 days
1523 Euro руб./чел.
During the tour, You will visit
Alapaevsk | Berezovskiy | Ekaterinburg | Nevyansk | Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha | Oktyabrskiy | Rezh | Byngi | Nizhniye Tavolgi
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Welcome to the exciting adventure in Ural, which will definitely be appreciated by those who are keen on history, enjoy magnificent landscapes and adventures. Get ready for 7 days, full of amazing discoveries and fascinating stories.

Day 1 Visit to the city of Berezovskiy, the homeland of Russian gold is a real adventure for the whole family! You’ll go down the Berezovskiy mine to the depth of 512 meters under the ground, where real gold extraction works are taking place. Legends and exciting history of gold fever are waiting for you in the museum, where you can see the old digging tools and take a ride on a trail car. And you’ll have tons of fun on the shore of Staropyshmisk pond – here you can master the miner’s skills and try to wash the gold dust.
 Day 2  A walk along the paths of nature park "Deer Streams" will give you a gulp of fresh air, filled with forest and herbal aromas, as well as exciting legends about the history of the Urals. The park is located in the southwest of the Sverdlovsk region, in the lower stream of the river Sergi. Enjoy the amazing beauty of the landscape all year round: robust natural flora in summer, and majestic tranquility of the winter woods. Of particular interest in “Deer Streams” are the numerous ancient caves, including the largest in the region cave "Druzhba" stretching over half a kilometer.
Day 3  We’ll visit Nevyansk, famous for its Leaning Tower, which is often compared with Italian Pisa Tower. Nevyansk Tower is also tilted, and its history is even more interesting. The highlight of the tower is its room with unique acoustics, where the words spoken in a whisper in one corner are clearly audible at the distance of 5 meters in the other corner. Well, let's explore the mystery of the old tower.
Near Nevyansk there is the ancient settlement of Old Believers Byngi. Its main attraction is the Church of St. Nicholas, built in the 18th century and which is open for visitors.
We’ll also visit the village of Nizhniye Tavolgi - a center of pottery in the Urals. The village, like its most popular craft, is more than three hundred years. We’ll come to this place to take part in a workshop: work on the pottery wheel, sculpt and paint a whistle. After the engaging creative work the hosts will serve tea and Russian pancakes with sweet condensed milk.
Day 4-5  We will travel to Rezh city, which is situated in the central part of Ural Gemstone Band. We’ll see the ancient mines of natural minerals of amazing beauty, as well as Shaytan deposit of agate – unique semi-precious stone with a complicated pattern, which reminds of a solidified rainbow. On the sides of Lipovskiy quarries, one of which is considered to be the deepest water entity in Sverdlovsk region, we’ll look for tourmalines, beryls and lots of other rare gemstones. An experienced guide will show how to mine and wash minerals, it’s so much fun! After the day full of new impression we’ll spend the night in a cozy geologist’s cabin, who is always happy to have guests and prepares a traditional Russian bathhouse for them.
Day 6  On the Eastern slope of the Middle Urals one of the oldest cities in the region Alapayevsk is situated. Keeping pace with the time, this town still retains its historic charm and is ready to reveal it to its guests. We’ll visit the house where the famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky spent his childhood. In surroundings of the city there are a lot of unique archaeological sites and even encampments of prehistoric man with a rich gallery of cave art of the fifth century B.C.
Day 7 The final part of our journey will take place in Ekaterinburg. You’ll enjoy an interesting walk through the stone treasuries of the city. In just a few hours you will see the most valuable things that nature gave the Urals in decades. The Ural Geological Museum now features more than 600 minerals, which represent the world standards and are of great scientific and educational interest. In order to appreciate one of the best collections in the world of amethyst, topaz and emerald we’ll visit the Mineralogical Museum, which is founded by the private collector V.A. Pelepenko. Apart from the stones, you’ll admire the arts & crafts from carved stone and bone.


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