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Ural Panorama

Duration: 5 days
1105 Euro руб./чел.
During the tour, You will visit
Ekaterinburg | Kamensk-Uralskiy | Nevyansk | Malysheva | Rezh | Pershino
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See the most interesting highlights of Ural in only five days – enigmatic Nevyansk Leaning Tower, mysterious caves of Iset canyon and rich gemstone deposits.

Day 1 Ekaterinburg... We’ll see this magnificent city from the height of 186 m spread out before us and appreciate its beauty and greatness. You’ll enjoy an interesting walk through the stone treasuries of the city. In just a few hours you will see the most valuable things that nature gave the Urals in decades. The Ural Geological Museum now features more than 600 minerals, which represent the standards and are of great scientific and educational interest. In order to appreciate one of the best collections in the world of amethyst, topaz and emerald we’ll visit in the Mineralogical Museum of the private collector V.A. Pelepenko. Apart from the stones, you’ll admire the arts & crafts from carved stone and bone.
Day 2 We’ll visit Nevyansk, famous for its Leaning Tower, which is often compared with Italian Pisa Tower. Nevyansk Tower is also tilted, and its history is even more interesting. The highlight of the tower is its room with unique acoustics, where the words spoken in a whisper in one corner are clearly audible at the distance of 5 meters in the other corner. Well, let's explore the mystery of the old tower.
Day 3 We’ll go down to the water and make the river trip to wonderful places in Kamensk-Uralsk. We’ll travel on a comfortable boat across Iset canyon where you’ll enjoy the stunning scenery and exceptional natural landmarks: rock "Stone gate", "Mammoth", "Owl", "Seven Brothers," "Three Caves", "Dinosaur" and "Rastrus" (this is where archaeologists discovered ancient man’s campsite). In Kamensk-Uralsk we’ll get to know one of the main attractions of the city - the first Russian specialized plant for bell casting.
Day 4 Now we’ll become treasure-hunters and visit the Malysheva village, the only emerald deposit in Russia. We’ll visit Mariinsky emerald deposit - the largest in the Emerald belt of the Urals and one of the three largest in the world. In 1993 the famous emerald, named after the first President Boris Yeltsin, "President" was found here. It weighs 1772 g. and has an intense green color of high quality category. Near Malysheva there are refuse heaps of emerald-quarrying factory, the so-called "Field of Dreams." During the Soviet times the spent ore was taken here. With patience, you’ll find here a small but pure beryl crystal, chrysoberyl and phenacite. At the end of the day we’ll have dinner and relax at the entertainment center "Orion".
Day 5 We will travel to Rezh city, which is situated in the central part of Ural Gemstone Band. We’ll see the ancient mines of natural mineral of amazing beauty, as well as Shaytan deposit of agate – unique semi-precious stone with a complicated pattern, which reminds of a solidified rainbow. On the sides of Lipovskiy quarries, one of which is considered to be the deepest water entity in Sverdlovsk region, we’ll look for tourmalines, beryls and lots of other rare gemstones. An experienced guide will show how to mine and wash minerals, it’s so much fun! After the day full of new impression we’ll spend the night in a cozy geologist’s cabin, who is always happy to have guests and prepares a traditional Russian bathhouse for them.


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